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Hello! My Name is Ryan; I am a Creative Brand Management Student at the VCU Brandcenter. I work at the intersection of data-driven strategic executions and creative flair to create work that is unique, compelling, and engaging so brands can better connect with people.

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About Me

I was born and raised in the Richmond VA area. I've always loved being outdoors, doing anything from hiking, kayaking, to a relaxing walk in the park. I've driven a racecar, competed in 1,000 yard rifle competitions, danced in a flashmob at downtown Disney Anaheim (yup, there is a youtube video). 

I am a die-hard gamer, and I am currently playing a lot of Apex Legends. When I am not working on Brandcenter work, you can probably find me on the sticks crushing people online in whatever game I am playing (I can rock just about every FPS game on the market). 

Last summer I had the opportunity to attend my first E3 conference as part of my internship, and report back on the most innovative new technologies at the conference. The gamer inside me was geeking out becaused I had watched E3 videos for years. I was even more excited to experience, in person, how these brands chose to bring their products to live. It was fascinating seeing all of the little marketing touches that went into creating these unique experiences.

The Arthritis Foundation is near and dear to my heart. I have been volunteering there since 2011, and it has absolutely changed my life for the better. Below are a few of my recent roles with the foundation, be sure to ask me about it!

  • Keynote speaker at national conferences

  • Currently, serving on the Young Adult Planning Committee

  • Past Virginia Leadership Board Member

  • 2018 JA Conference Young Adult Planning Committee Chairman
  •  Young Adult group leader and speaker in this year's conference

  •  2016 Walk to Cure Arthritis RVA Honoree


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