*Live client project for senior creative director Adam Morgan at Adobe*

*This project was voted most innovative idea in the class by our client*

The Ask

To grow Adobe's Design is Power campaign by deepening the relationships between Adobe and Creative Leaders 


The biggest hurdle Creative Leaders face in the design process is within their own companies. Non-creative business executives have trouble understanding the value of design


Adobe, The Defender of Design, bridging the gap between the business executive and the creative leader


Adobe Power: One number that quantifies the impact of a design providing a trusted resource which communicates the power of design in a language business executives will respect


Position Adobe as a partner in the design process, rather than a tool someone uses to get the job done


Adobe provided us with a very in-depth consumer profile, and they wanted us to verify a few questions to find a common thread:

1. What are their watering holes?​

3. Preferred social media communications?

2. What websites are they visiting?

4. Where do their get their inspiration?

Creative leaders thrive on thinking differently than others, so it becomes difficult to narrow in on one specific answer to the above questions.

However, we did find one common thread throughout out interviews. The biggest hurdle creative leaders face is within their own companies.

From the outset of this project, we kept asking ourselves. Can you quantify design?

So naturally, the first thing to explore is:

Who else is attempting to quantify the subjective?



Creative leaders view Adobe as a tool that helps them in the design process rather than a partne.

Currently, their Design is Power campaign pushing content to the creative leaders, and expecting them to translate it into a language the business executive can understand and respect.

We want Adobe to become a partner in the design process.​


Through positioning Adobe in the center of the information flow, they can directly push and receive customized content and feedback from both Creative Leaders and Executives.​


By bridging the gap in knowledge, Adobe can become a trusted resource for both.


Adobe, The Defender of Design, bridging the gap between the business executive and the creative leader

Brand Manifesto


  • By using Adobe's AI machine learning platform Sensei, we can quantify the 8 main design principles

  • Then, by combining our quantified design principles with the raw consumer data from Adobe's Analytics and Target platform, we can see which design principles matter more to specific target groups

Our Adobe Power Ranking in action

Team Members

Alex Glaum, Viviana Molina, Jacob Steckman, Alexander Whiteway

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