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To develop a retail outlet for a significant national brand that brings the brand to life, for one that does not already have retail outlets. It must be repeatable, profitable, and good for the brand.


Gamers have lost confidence in the EA brand. They feel EA is not creating things in their best interests. Finally, players feel ashamed to show their passion for video games because they fear judgment from friends and family.


To cultivate the future of play by giving gamers an experience they cannot get anywhere else and bring to life the fantasy of being inside a video game.


We created the EA Playgrounds. a campus-style VR theme park designed to bring famous EA titles to life. EA Playgrounds was designed to promote current and upcoming EA titles while encouraging groups to play together. 


Improve EA's image by creating a place that allows gamers to share and celebrate their passions together.


The first step of the project was to dive into the EA brand and find some guiding principles to lead our vision in the right direction.


EA's mission reads "We exist to inspire the world to play". 

As a team, we gravitated towards 3 main values to guide our design process.


  • "Be Bold"

  • "Think Players First"

  • "Create Quality and Innovation"

Diving further into the EA brand and the industry as a whole, we found some recent struggles EA has been experiencing 

Number one being, they are losing major ground to their number one studio competitor, Activision. Activision is trending the opposite direction for almost all of the struggles outlined below.

  • Through our one on one interviews with gamers, we found an interesting piece of information that no one talks about.

Key Takeaway

Gamers are ashamed to admit they are gamers, They are afraid of what friends and family may think, especially if they knew how much time gamers spend actually playing.





Brand Manifesto:

To cultivate the future of play by giving gamers an experience they cannot get anywhere else and bring to life the fantasy of being inside a video game.

The nature of gaming is changing. 


Stories are becoming more intense and immersive; the gameplay more complicated, and map sizes are increasing.


Technology is getting faster, stronger, and more expensive. 


There are more games out there to play than there are hours in the day to play them. 


Each offer slightly different experiences, and each subsequent release causing someone to invest more and more time than the one before.  


Big household names are falling, replaced by games offering new experiences and new fantasies for people to explore. 


Stories are the core that make gaming special. 


Gaming allows you to explore fantasies that push the boundaries of our imagination, and the power of technology to its limits. We are cultivating the future of play. 


We exist to bring your fantasies to life. 


To transport you into the gaming world, and provide an experience so visceral that it feels real. 


To give you an experience that you cannot get anywhere else. 


Welcome, to the EA Playgrounds.


EA Playgrounds

Floor Plan Layouts


EA Playgrounds was designed as a campus, allowing for further expansions as new, games, themes, and attractions become popular. This allows us to adapt and grow based on what the fans love most.


The ground floor is meant to transport you into the world of EA from the moment you walk in. 

  • Standing console station to demo pre-release EA titles

  • Sit down console stations with state of the art equipment available for daily rental

  • Layouts designed to promote interactivity and team play at all stations

  • High end retail outlet to sell merchandise from EA titles

  • White horizontal lighting near the stairs to promote movement through the building


The second floor begins our VR experience. The floor is split between stationary VR pods and a Sim's Cafe, where gamers can relax and order food

  • Stationary Kat VR equipment, allows for full range of motion, including running in place

  • Immersion pods surrounding the Kat VR equipment

  • Simple yet futuristic white lighting to ease the strain on the eyes after VR the experience

  • Futuristic / Modern style Sims Lounge, themed with elements from The Sims 4


The third floor contains our free-flowing, maze-like VR experience and another extension of the Sims Lounge. 

  • Built with moveable walls, allowing for quick level changes

  • Specially themed "Ready Rooms" where participants suite up before their experience

  • Free flowing VR allows someone to become fully immersed in the game

  • Simple and basic design aesthetics within the VR rooms, since participants will be wearing a VR helmet the whole time

Our Sim's Rooftop Bar was designed to be a premium dining experience and features the Sims customary "Plumbob" built to instantly noticeable across the city

  • Post Modern/Futuristic design

  • White modern feel during the day, nightclub/bar feel during the night

  • Menu themed after the Sims

  • Simple futuristic bathrooms

  • Rooftop overlooks the rest of the EA campus


Dedicated E-Sports Stadium, built from the ground up to house the biggest gaming tournaments and events

  • Modeled after the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

  • Dynamic exterior screen that changes for the event

  • **This is a very high-level view of our vision for the stadium. We wanted to keep it very basic to put most of our focus in the main cornerstone building outlined above.**


Financial Reasoning


Team Members

Alex Glaum, Viviana Molina, Jacob Steckman, Alexander Whiteway

Building sketches and floorplan design by Ruthie Edwards

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