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How can the PGA Tour enhance the fan experience during tournaments in order to drive downloads to their mobile application?


The PGA Tour is unable to collect the necessary data to track event attendees and the app lacks the utility needed to drive interest/engagement with younger audiences at events.


Capitalize on latent interest for golf among younger audiences by creating touch points within the community and at PGA Tour events that will grow fan interaction.


Contrary to popular belief, even professional golfers rely on a teammate. ​The caddie acts as a guide, helping the golfer attack the course.

Selected as best in class by the PGA Tour Digital Team


A guide to uping your fan game

A companion that inspires fan confidence and provides a personalized event experience by guiding them through the game of golf.


How can we enhance fan engagement at PGA Tour tournaments
and deliver a more fulfilling digital/mobile experience?

We were also asked to consider how our solutions would allow the PGA Tour digital team to collect consumer data on event attendees

Going to a golf event isn't like going to other sporting events, It's more like going to a new city. Each new course, and each new tour, you see different amenities, layouts, players, rivalries, environments, and more… It can feel like a dozen simultaneous events are happening. With each one having its own unspoken rules and different vides, much like city cultures. And even when you've been to this exact event before, that can be daunting.

Since we know millennials are a highly digital generation, we decided to look at their golf participation

As you can expect, the average age for golf is the highest out of all traditional sports. There are tons of sources citing how or why golf is struggling to attract young audiences. But, are they interested?

Looks like there is quite a bit of interest among young people. So who is attending PGA events, and how can we leverage them to bring their friends?

Target Segments

Through our conversations with the digital team, we learned they wanted to focus on 1/3 golf, 2/3 fun. So we broke our targets down the same way

Our biggest opportunity to improve the experience lies with the casual and the curious fans of golf

Golf can be a little overwhelming when you are new to the sport

Can the pga mobile app, in its current state, help with some of this disorientation and confusion?

Well, no... The current app is highly focused on the core golfer, its an app for the golf statistician. If you are not familiar with scoring, the rules, or even the famous stars, the current app will do nothing for you

So what are these young golf fans looking to see at an event?

The two biggest themes we saw, were that people wanted to see the BIG moments, the game winning shots, the rediculous shots only pros could make. And they wanted to explore the course. Almost everyone cited some form of walking the course to see all the different holes

Unlike every other traditional sport, in Golf, there is no designated seat to sit in, no central focal point to watch, no one place to go.


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