Live Client at Brandcenter 

Flow Cycle Studio

The Challenge: The boutique fitness scene is very crowded, and more people are joining every day. We were asked to help Flow Cycle define their positioning, and decide how best to grow their local community. 


Background: Flow Cycle Studio is an indoor cycling studio in Richmond Virginia. The owners have infused their passion for hard work into their studio, with intense full body workouts meant to make someone sweat, and swear hard. This is not your typical indoor cycling studio, but one determined to help you get results, and have fun along the way. The owners have been considering opening up another location with a bigger footprint in the city, but with their classes already nowhere near capacity, is this the right move? 


The Opportunity: Help the owners of Flow Cycle define their brand, and position them as the place where strength and support come full circle.


Our Solution: We took inspiration from things cycling studios are doing in the Asian market and applied it to Flow Cycle to highlight the things they do better than anyone else, supporting their community. First, the logo was redesigned and the name was given a slight tweak to avoid unwanted associations. Next, we streamlined their website design so that their community can better find the important things going on with Flow. Updated their rider profiles with a refocus on what the trainers do in their community. Updated the social voice to take the focus off of our wonderful owners, and more on the studio experience. We created some business cards that double as first rider discount coupons to be given out to local businesses and events to promote business partnerships with the Studio. Updated their membership offerings to allow for more word of mouth spread among members of their community. Finally, we gave them a plan to begin implementing rider metrics that focused on individual performance rather than competition between the community. We want to give the riders a place to come and improve themselves, and to feel comfortable no matter their skill level, competing against only your previous times instead of the whole class will focus on self-improvement. 

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