Strategic Thinking Class - Repositioning Concept

Hydrox Cookie's 

The Challenge: We were asked to evaluate the brands current positioning and come up with a strategy to make them relevant again


Background: Hydrox was once the leading cookie brand in America, and are the original "oreo". In the early 1900's Oreo overtook Hydrox as the market leader through a greatly expanded marketing budget. Oreo went on to dominate the sandwich cookie market and convincing people that they were the original sandwich cookie, leaving Hydrox to be forever known as the second comer. Currently, Hydrox has less than 5% market share and is constantly being placed in unfavorable positions on the shelves. Their packaging looks extremely similar to that of Oreo and other common store brands, making it hard to even find them on the shelf. Competing with oreo is like going up against an 800lb Gorilla. 


The Opportunity: To reposition Hydrox as a sophisticated sandwich cookie for those who want something more mature than Oreo. 


The Solution: We redesigned the packaging for Hydrox, giving it a more modern and mature, highlighting qualities that matter to a more sophisticated adult. Moved Hydrox out of the Oreo section, and into the specialty cookies part of the aisle to align it with the mature cookies. Updated their social media presence to match the new packaging look, and changed their voice to fit the more mature feel. We created holiday end of aisle promotion displays to celebrate the change for Hydrox and changed their distribution markets to higher end like Target and Wegmans.

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