The Ask

To develop a launch plan for a new adaptogenic coffee under the Work brand name


The US workforce is changing. There are more entrepreneurs and freelancers than ever before. By 2027, freelancers are projected to be the majority of the US workforce. As their work schedule changes, so do their caffeine intake schedules


Own the night with Work Coffee, the balanced energy boost for burning the midnight oil


We re-designed the Work Coffee packaging schemes to represent the calmness of nighttime, developed a persona/attitude to fit the new style of the brand, and finally created a unique launch party to celebrate famous "5-9ers"


Position work coffee as the healthy night-time caffeine alternative 


The workforce is changing in the US. The freelance population is growing at a rate 3x faster than the traditional workforce. 

Freelancers are expected to be the majority of the US workforce by 2027

The top reasons for why people freelance are:

To better portray the nuances of our target, we created a persona, Thomas, and a day in the life of Thomas:


The four main sources of energy people turn to for a boost are:


When we asked people about adaptogens, they had no idea what it was… They thought sounded like: Pathogens, anptogen, fake stuff a doctor would sell, etc. Nobody knew what it was, but he or she knew they wanted….. 



Brand Manifesto


We redesigned the packaging to give off a more relaxing air than traditional coffees. 

We chose to offer two blends, a full caffeinated and a half calf version.


We were considering multiple different cities to launch our product

But we ultimately decided on Denver, Colorado

There are four main steps to our launch strategy

We knew we wanted to do a special launch party, so we had to build intrigue with consumers in the city

We partnered with local coworking spaces in Denver, and placed unique posters inside them to build hype for our mysterious event


To celebrate the famous night owls of history, we rented out a art gallery and threw a party

We invited local influencers and freelancers to the event for some live coverage to their fans

The party featured pictures and descriptions of famous "5-9"ers from history

This is also the first opportunity for people to get their hands on Work Coffee. Each attendee was given a bag with additional bags available for purchase

To generate some additional buzz for the brand, we created an Instagram persona


Our final step was to give people a local place where they can purchase our coffee. So we rented out space in a local WeWork office to set up shop


Team Members

Robert Clark, Gabi Levi, and Sally Zhang

Package design by Britt Kern

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